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Families & Entrepreneurs

We help individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and small business owners take a proactive, strategic approach to charitable giving that reflects their values.

Giving Focus can help you bring clarity, purpose, and intentionality to your charitable giving. Through a careful screening process, we research and fact-check not-for-profit organizations that align with your focus, and we can help you plan your engagement with those organizations.

We specialize in a three-stage process that moves families and business owners from reactive giving to proactive, strategic legacy building.

Create your giving focus

Giving Focus will help you…

  • Bring clarity and intentionality to your charitable giving.
  • Identify the positive values to reflect in your philanthropy.
  • Craft your philanthropic mission statement to empower proactive charitable giving for years to come.

Align your giving

Through our due diligence process, we will…

  • Research not-for-profit organizations that align with your philanthropic mission and values.
  • Speak one on one with not-for-profit leaders to ask the questions that you need answered.
  • Prepare a custom ‘research brief’ on the organizations that fulfill your charitable goals.

Engage in change

Together, we will…

  • Develop a plan of action and engage with your selected not-for-profit organizations.
  • Work with your team of trusted advisors—accountant, attorney, and wealth manager—to ensure that your charitable giving is also appropriate and beneficial to your financial well-being.
  • Take stock twice a year to make sure that you are giving joyfully.

Not-for-profit organizations 

We help small and medium-sized not-for-profit organizations gain knowledge of the fundraising process, create efficient and focused work plans, and build systems for staff and volunteer accountability.

Our goal is to build your organization’s capacity to increase major gift fundraising revenues by engaging in thoughtful, purposeful philanthropic relationships with board members, staff, volunteers, and donors.

Prepare your board

Is your organization ready to raise money? Is your board ready to take part in the fundraising process? Let us help you take stock of your current situation and create a common language for talking about fundraising among the CEO, development staff, and board members.

  • Development Audit, including ROI Analysis of Current Fundraising Activities
  • Board, and Volunteer Fundraising Workshops/Training

Create your plan

Does your board have a realistic, specific set of tasks related to fundraising? Is your staff fundraiser constantly working, nearing burnout? Let us work with you to put the plans on paper and identify what you need to get the job done in a productive way.

  • Annual & Major Gift, and Capital Campaign Planning
  • Donor Stewardship & Recognition Planning

Be accountable

Do your staff and volunteers need guidance and encouragement to stay on track? Does your fundraiser wear multiple hats—brochure writer, PR spokesperson, event planner, etc. etc.,—that keep her from focusing on the activities that will generate fundraising revenue? Let us be your coach and source of accountability.

  • Fundraising Staff Coaching
  • Campaign Prospect Management

Important Note: Giving Focus LLC builds the capacity of your organization (staff and volunteer) to create a fundraising program that is successful and sustainable. As a registered professional fundraising consultant, we do not solicit individuals or corporations on behalf of your organization.

Trusted Advisors 

We help accountants, attorneys, and wealth managers deepen their relationships and build loyalty with clients who want to enhance their charitable giving experience.

Your clients are charitable, and you provide excellent advice. Our goal is to be a solid resource for you to enhance your clients’ experience of giving. Giving Focus will work in partnership with you and your clients to devote the same careful consideration to philanthropy that you offer for their investment, legal, and tax concerns.

Philanthropy Concierge

Connect your clients and associates with information about not-for-profit organizations, charitable special events, and custom volunteer opportunities for families or corporate retreats. From research and due diligence to social opportunities for a cause, your clients can access their Philanthropy Concierge directly by phone or email.

Annual Philanthropy Review

Giving Focus will join you and your clients to review their charitable giving, determine any need to update estate plans, and identify issues, challenges, and opportunities to enhance their philanthropic experience. Your clients will receive a custom “punch list” of suggestions, resources, and ideas to empower them to be strategic in their charitable decision making.

Good Conversations

Design a year-long menu of learning opportunities for small or large groups of VIP clients. Choose a theme for a specific segment of donors, or appeal to client groups throughout the year.

Potential topics include:

  • Three Cups of Cold Tea: Questions to Ask before You Make a Charitable Gift
  • “Redirection,” not Retirement: Finding your Charitable Purpose
  • Donor Beware: How to Evaluate Solicitations and Funding Requests
  • How to say “Yes!” with Confidence “No, thank you” without Feeling Bad.
  • Other presentations designed for your VIP Clients upon request

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